Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ideas on Career

In reading class, we are going to be writing a letter about what career we want to have when we get older. What I want to do is to be a veterinarian. They help people with their problems with their animals. I would write my letter to a veterinary hospital who treats animals.

Incident At Hawk's Hill

In reading class, we are starting to read the book, " Incident At Hawk's Hill ". So far I like the book and what is happening. I like the detail the author put in the book. I think this novel will be interesting to read and learn about.

The book is easy to understand and image what is happening. I like the animal and nature parts in the first chapters. Hopefully the book will be interesting thought the whole book.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fake News/The War of the Worlds

Today, we read the a Newsela article about fake news. It was about fake news being on the internet and people believing what they read. We also read the play called " The War of the Worlds ". I thought the play was a fun play, but I don't really like science fiction stories.  I liked both of these pieces and I also learned something from both of them.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tempest Reflection


I think the theme of the Tempest is to not hold a grudge on someone even if you are mad at them. In the Tempest, Prospero is mad at many people and in the end he forgives everyone and everything turns out great.


I think the play Tempest has gotten easier to understand as the play went on. The words still were difficult to understand, but I had some sense of what was happening. The subscript on the bottom of the screen helped a lot. I understand the moral of the play and the theme and also some main events that happened.

10 Lines: The Tempest

Here are ten lines from the Tempest that I translated.

Act IV, Scene 1

1)   "As I told you, all spirits are not visible into thin air.
2)    And like the base of this vision,
3)    the towers filled with clouds,
4)    the gorgeous palaces,
5)    the down temples, the globe itself,
6)    we all inherit and shall dissolve.
7)    And, like this weak scene of a play faded,
8)    leave no wreck behind.
9)    As dreams are made on,
10)  and our little life is mostly of sleep."

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Tempest

Today, we watched more of " The Tempest " and it was one of the more funnier scenes. It was also very confusing to understand what the people were doing, but once the scene went on for longer, it was a little bit easier. I hope the longer we watch this play the easier it will be to understand.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tempest Ideas

I thought the play/movie was easier to understand with the subtitles in it. Now, it is easier to understand also with the characters being visual to see on the screen.

I think the lines that each character says should be shorter. I still don't understand what the play is really trying to tell us. The more the play goes on the easier it sounds to understand it.

I hope I learn to like this play.